Mastering Online Roulette

Roulette is a relatively simple game to learn. Players place their bets, the wheel spins, the ball lands in a single space, and players are paid out if they correctly identified the landing spot. Mastering online roulette at online casinos such as Rushmore Casino is easy when players understand how exactly these elements come together.

Smart Bets

Essentially, players master the game of online roulette when they know the smartest bets to make. Straight up bets are almost always a bad idea because the odds are so against the ball actually landing in that particular spot. Even odds bets are much smarter, but they don't pay out nearly as well as most players would like. To get the most out of each game, the smartest bets are actually combinations of middle of the road bets.

Balancing Bets

By using the roulette table to identify bets that cover multiple squares and pay out in high amounts, players are best able to maximize the amount of money they're willing to spend. High payout bets like Trios or Corner bets often cover only a handful of singular bets, but when such bets are countered by lower payout bets, the player stands a good chance of getting at least a small payout even as they put themselves on the line for much less likely bets.

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A good balance of middle of the road bets and higher payout bets is the easiest way to master online roulette. This strategy gives the player the best chance to make some real money while keeping them from losing it all.